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Wellness Offerings at Wello Works

Wello Works offers a variety of cutting-edge, "touchless" wellness amenities all in one place, making it your go-to destination to boost your well-being. Premium wellness sessions are in a 20-minute time frame to fit your busy schedule and provide you with a much needed wellness break, or "Wello."

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How Does My Free Session Work?

You can either stop by during normal business hours with your free visit pass; or to guarantee the session you want to use will be available - we recommend booking in advance by clicking the link below. 

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How long is a session
All sessions are 20 minutes but your booking time is for 30 minutes. This is especially important for bookings in the Infrared Sauna and Red Light Therapy to give you time to get re-dressed. 

What do I wear?
We always suggest wearing whatever is the most comfortable for you. If you're interested in trying out our Infrared Sauna or Red Light Therapy Beds, you will want to undress to your comfort level for your session. Many people opt to wear bathing suits or sports bras and workout shorts.  

Do I need to bring a towel?
No, towel service is provided.

When should I arrive?
You should plan to arrive at least 5 minutes early for your first session. This allows us time to review the amenities of the session you'll be enjoying, plus answer any questions. 

Where do I park?
Free parking is located directly in front of the building.

Where is your entrance?
Our main entrance is on the second level of the smaller building in the Fountain Oaks Shopping Center, directly up the middle staircase. There is also an elevator by the middle staircase if needed.

What if I'm running late for my session?
If you're running more than 5 minutes late for your session, please call us as soon as you can at (404) 947-7974. If there isn't another session scheduled directly after yours then we will let you know. 

What is Wello Works?


Wello Works is a dual-concept space that prioritizes making wellness an easy-to-achieve part of your day, every day.

With a coworking space in one area and a state-of-the-art wellness center in another, we have everything you need under one roof whether you come here to work or simply to unwind during a busy day. 

Our Coworking options are versatile, spanning from day passes in our Wello Lounge, flexible desk passes & memberships, to office studios. Plus all coworkers benefit from our core wellness offerings, meeting rooms, private phone booths, and so much more.   

Our Wello Collective is our premium wellness offering where you'll find our cutting-edge, "touchless" amenities including Infrared Saunas, Red Light Therapy Beds, Meditation Pods & more. Available in passes and memberships.   

Coworking Perks

• Unlimited Access to Core Wellness Offerings
• Included Sessions for Premium Wellness Offerings**
• Included Meeting Room Hours**
• Barista-Quality Coffee & Sparkling Water
• Private Phone Booths 
• Sit-to-Stand Desks**
• Unlimited Black and White Printing**
• Outdoor Seating
• Wellness on Demand App** (our proprietary app full of 1,000+ programs of wellness content)
• Access to Two Kitchens
• Discount on additional services, bookings, products**

** May vary depending on coworking level/option selected

Wellness Offerings

Premium Wellness Offerings are in our Wello Collective and available to wellness guests and coworkers:
• Infrared Saunas
• Red Light Therapy Beds
• Somadome Deep Meditation
• HydroMassage
• CryoLounge Cold Therapy
• RelaxSpace Meditation Pod

Core wellness offerings are included complimentary on all wellness memberships and for all coworkers:

• Breathing & Meditation Chairs
• Recovery Massage Chairs
• Private & Group Zen Studios for yoga, breathing, pilates, and more

See what people are saying...

Blake R.

"Everything I thought it would be, absolutely true and then some! My productivity has increased tenfold. I still have time every day to take a "Wello" (that's the name for a wellness break), drink outstanding coffee, and the standing desk is a game changer. If you aren't working from Wello, then you need to catch up. Work can be stress free again!"

Neil D.

"Visited Wello Works today and this place is LEGIT! Great concept! Work and wellness - yes they can go hand in hand."

Fred S.

"I recommend Wello Works for entrepreneurs because it offers state of the art wellness amenities AND a place to work on your business. It's pleasant, it's professional, it's new. I highly recommend it. I'm looking to join to experience membership benefits on both the wellness side as well as the coworking space. 5 stars!"

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