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Wello Works is now open!

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Hours: M-F 9am-6pm / Sat By Appointment Only

Wello Works combines unique wellness amenities along with flexible coworking options, under the same roof. At Wello Works - we encourage everyone to take wellness breaks, or "Wello's" throughout their day. Whether you're out running errands and looking for a pick-me-up, or you're utilizing our coworking space and need a mental refresh, our goal is to help you reset, recharge and focus on your physical and mental well-being.

Wellness And Coworking Redefined...

Wello Collective

The Wello Collective is a selection of premium wellness offerings such as infrared saunas, meditation pods, LED light therapy beds, and more. Opt for single sessions, packs or memberships, and elevate your wellness today.

Single sessions start at $15, multi-packs at $109 or memberships as low as $89.

The Wello Collective is independent from coworking; Coworking membership not required.

Wello Coworking

More than a typical coworking space, Wello Works combines flexible coworking options with cutting-edge wellness amenities encouraging you to take wellness breaks, or "Wello's" throughout your work day.

Coworking options for as low as $199/month or $20/day pass. Memberships & Passes available.

Coworkers have unlimited access to the Wello Lounge & credits to the Wello Collective.

Premium Wellness Offerings in the Wello Collective

Elevate your wellness in the Wello Collective. Here you'll find an extensive array of premium wellness offerings in 20 minute sessions to fit into your busy schedule.

Core Wellness Offerings in The Wello Lounge

Whether you need a short break or an afternoon pick me up, these wellness amenities - located in the Wello Lounge - are designed to support your physical and mental health.

Wello Works Atlanta

Wello Works - Your state of the art wellness + coworking space. Now Open!