Wello Collective

Elevate your wellness with our 20-minute sessions designed to fit your busy schedule

Step into your Wellness Sanctuary

The Wello Collective offers a variety of cutting-edge, "touchless" amenities all in one place, making it your go-to destination to boost your well-being. All sessions are in a 20-minute time frame to fit your busy schedule and provide you with a much needed wellness break, or "Wello."

With single sessions, packs and memberships, there's an option for everyone.

. Home to relaxation and rejuvenation, here you'll find an extensive array of premium offerings, including HydroMassage, LED Light Therapy Bed, Relax Meditation Pods, Infrared Sauna with Salt Bricks, CryoLounge cold/hot therapy and Somadome deep meditation. Everyone is welcome to book sessions in The Wello Collective - you do not have to be a coworking member.

Premium Wellness Offerings

Infrared Sauna

Increase Circulation | Detoxification | Assist with Weight Loss

Red Light Therapy Bed

Support skin health |  Anti-aging benefits |  Speed up recovery

Somadome Meditation

Improve sleep | Mindful relaxation | Stress relief


Relieve stiffness |  Increase circulation |  Relief of minor aches

RelaxSpace Meditation

Reduce stress |  Guided meditation |  Promotes relaxation

CryoLounge Cold Therapy

Support workout recovery |  Relax sore muscles |  Relieve tension

Take a look at the Wellness Amenities in Wello Works Collective