Wello Coworking

Flexible coworking options ranging from casual lounge coworking, desks, office studios, and meeting rooms.

Wello Coworking is opening in two phases, with Lounge memberships & passes available now in Phase 1, and desks, offices & other 'quiet coworking' options available in June in Phase 2.

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Elevate Your Work Day at Wello Works

Wello Works is more than a typical coworking space. From a flexible lounge membership, to multiple desk options and office studios, there's an option for everyone.

All coworkers get access to our Wello Lounge and core wellness offerings - which is what sets Wello Works apart from the rest. This is where you'll enjoy our exclusive, state-of-the-art wellness amenities which redefine the idea of a wellness break - or as we like to call it, a 'Wello.'

Coworking Options

Wello Works has a variety of flexible options to choose from to suite whatever style of working you prefer. Plus flexibility in the form of passes and memberships. Learn more about each of our options below...

The Wello Lounge

Welcome to the heart and soul of Wello Works. With lounge style seating + first come first serve community workspaces - this relaxed atmosphere is where you can enjoy premium coffee, unlimited sparkling water and healthy snacks. This is also where you can access our core wellness amenities - including massage chairs, breathing & meditation chairs and our private + group zen studios.

Wello Coworking

The Wello Coworking area is our true 'dedicated' and quiet coworking zone, and is only accessible by a secure app. Coworkers can access our two meeting rooms, additional sound-absorbing phone booths, quiet break-out zones, as well as a second kitchen reserved just for our coworkers in this space.

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