Collective Pricing

Limited Time Founder Pricing - Price Increase After Grand Opening

Wello Collective Pricing is broken down into three key areas:

1. The number of sessions you want to buy: single session or one of our packs. Our pack pricing discounts the session price by up to 25%.

2. The type of sessions you want to buy: Do you like the 10 minute or 20 minute sessions more? Do you like them both? Grab
the combo pack, and you get the best of both worlds.

3. If you want access to our Wello Lounge: Our 'All Access' Packs include access to the Wello Lounge with each session, which includes the ability to use our O2 chair, recovery massage chair and virtual movement rooms. Plus enjoy premium coffee, sparkling water and healthy snacks in our lounge area. Or if you just want to stick with your Collective session, you can choose the 'Base' pack.